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I build new instruments. Mainly modern three-row chromatic harpas but I have also completed a Moraharpa and I am currently working on a body for an older type of instrument called Kontrabas/Silverbas. I have not yet decided about the keybox and the final design.

I build bows akin to the design by Eric Sahlström. See more under "Building".

I play the modern chromatic nyckelharpa and fiddle. See more under "Playing".

Nyckelharpas (Sw. Nyckelharpor) are string instruments with medieval origin. There are church paintings and figurines of angels plying nyckelharpa in several old churches dating as far back as the 14:th century. The roots of the modern instrument played today can at least be traced to the 17:th century.

I build, repair and play the modern chromatic three row nyckelharpa designed by August Bohlin in 1929.  Eric Sahlström learned to build this instrument from Bohlin. I was taught to build by Esbjörn Hogmark, who learned from Eric Sahlström.

I have a certified 2 year building education at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Tobo, Sweden. One of my harpas has once made it to the final four in the yearly building competition in Österbybruk.

I also build and sell bows of the original Eric Sahlström design, modified and perfected by Esbjörn Hogmark.




I do all kinds of repairs on older instruments like new bridges and stringholders.

Grandmaster Eric Sahlström


Grandmaster August Bohlin (1877-1949)

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